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The newest product in the webshop.
Judith: “A real painting is the first work that is created. With the power of the originality in paint,
and in the development. The perspiration drops of the artist are ingrained there. It is the real art, the
face of the paint is clearly visible. But also the most expensive. That’s why reproductions of some
free works are taken up. The reproduction product is different, but primarily intended to reduce the
purchase costs.”

Spectacle case with Spectacle cloth
“New spectacle case with matching spectacle cloth, a jewel with your glasses.
With the reproduction of the painting “Lustilly’’
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Single view cards
“ As well as a folder with view cards, it is also possible to order single cards.”
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Card folder “Cherry on the tart”
“Due to demand production renewed.”
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Month Calendar 2017
“For reminders of birthdays, so handy in the little room.”
Good present for festive occasions.
Order fast, when they are gone they are gone.

New in my webshop
Judith Stam Monthly Calender 2018

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