Judith Stam is an artist with a passion for painting. Judith discovered her talent in 1999.
Work from Judith is mostly in royal format, canvasses showing off repetition and numbers. Because
her creations show particular human experiences, her work is certainly not everyday. That is her gift.
“I get inspiration from soaking up an environment. The paintings are my view of the world.”


They entertain people: paintings serve as if a comedy. The force of warm colours and simplicity.
Monumental, sometimes detailed and fine, but always with a jolly note.
“For the viewer a painting can enrich the spirit. It is the reproduction of a picture formed in the artist
from a story concerning memories or impressions of an important spot.”
Her technique and her empathy work together strongly on the conception. “ That is why my work is
recognisable, and according to many important.”
Free work versus commissions
Free work
“I happily paint couples, they are forceful and absorbing. Or groups: the more the merrier. I think
that my desire is towards safety in numbers.”
“Unusual formats attract me. But after a large task I happily carry out a smaller one for a change.
Royal sizes take up much time. You are working against yourself and must fight through it. Oddly
enough, finishing a large piece of work gives me a lot of pleasure.”
A commission is an honour. That is someone that trusts you, has chosen your style. Then you work
together for the best result. Orienteering a site, delivering the desires of the other person, can be so
invisible. You work excitedly on every commission. Some commissions are outside my normal
senses, this increases the excitement. I notice that then I aim higher. In between times mutual
discussion keeps us together and makes it absorbing.”
What do you experience whilst painting?
I am always seeking the intentions. But a painting is a reproduction of a moment in time, say from
one or two months ago. It is a creation based on feelings, a swelling from the heart. Then afterwards
to explain what the intentions were and how it has come to be is not easy for me. The work of art
itself shows what it means and suggests. As an artist you tell all in your work. You must view
normally. What follows is different for everyone, there are no instructions for use. Then such a work
is an experience.
When is your work ‘finished’?
My creation is not finished when the last stroke is applied to the cloth. It is given a place in the
lounge so that I can view it quietly at my leisure. The inspiration drips on, but is then refined. It is not
only refining the technique.”
“I have a special bond with all my paintings, I always want to know where it will be hung. I know
where most of my works are! My first ‘ladies choir’ hangs with friends, then I can always view it.”
Originally I found it difficult to part with a work on selling, but over time that improves. One piece
easier than the other.”
In the name of Judith Stam: “Enjoy….!”